Dental Implants


Need an extraction? No problem! The PerioArts Team will make this intimidating procedure as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We use a variety of anxiolytic techniques, minimally invasive and atraumatic approach, high standards of safety and professional care to make your experience completely different.
Whether you need an extraction due to infection, preparation for braces, gum disease or tooth injury, we will provide just the right procedure for you. If we need to prepare you for the dentures or implants, we can offer you variety of bone grafting materials based on your needs, beliefs or religious convictions. Once the tooth is lost, the jawbone begins to resorb at the site. Correcting or eliminating this destructive process is our priority.

Here’s what Perio Arts Patients can Expect:

  • Individual approach to your problem tooth

  • Looking for alternatives, If tooth can be saved, we will talk about it

  • Variety of Anxiolytic measures (Oral, Nitrous, IV)

  • Multiple options in bone grafting materials

  • Use of Growth factors, L-PRF

  • Microsurgical, LASER and piezosurgery techniques for greater precisions and less trauma

  • Because of low-impact approach, you can expect faster return to your normal activities

To learn more about our philosophy and discover what PerioArts of Colorado can do for your painless and comfortable surgery, we invite you to call or visit our office today.
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